Remarkable Woman: Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama was born in 1964 in Chicago, Illinois. Michelle graduated Princeton University cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in sociology. But that was not enough for this bright, hardworking student. She continued her education at Harvard Law School to earn a juris doctor degree. After law school, Michelle started working at a law firm in Chicago. At that time, Barack Obama was studying law and became an intern at the same company. Michelle was appointed to guide him and a beautiful romance blossomed. The couple married in 1992.


Since 2004, the Obama family got more and more attention because of Barack´s political role. With her inspiring speeches, Michelle significantly contributed to Barack´s election campaigns. Even though she was a little uncomfortable to become a public figure, people appreciated her no-nonsense campaign style.


Another aspect that people appreciate about Michelle is her great sense of fashion. Her relatively broad shoulders and hips and her famous toned arms do not give her the easiest figure to find the right clothes for. But this lady embraces her own body and knows very well what looks good on her and what does not. The fit-and-flare is one of her favorite silhouettes. Her overall style can be described as feminine, colorful and elegant.


As the first black lady (out of 44 first ladies), the pressure on Michelle and her actions has been pretty high. She focused her attention on a diversity of social issues. Besides supporting military families and helping working women to balance their career and their family-life, Michelle volunteered at several homeless shelters and soup kitchens together with her husband. The last couple of years, she has been putting effort into the health of children. In the meantime, she manages to save enough time to be with her two daughters.


To conclude: Michelle is an assertive and down-to-earth woman who takes good care of herself and many others around her, while successfully balancing being a mother and a major public figure. Moreover, she does it with a smile on her face and a killer look. A pretty remarkable lady if you ask us.

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